Faculty Committee Meeting: August 15, 2012


1. Report from Dean

18 MB were allocated from the University to Faculty of Science.  This figure will be divided and allocated to various departments based on staff/teaching/research output/SCID courses/cooperativity with Faculty = 20:30:30:15:5 %, respectively.

2. Report from Administration Division

FS is currently discussing with the University about Faculty PA.  The solid document should be coming out next in September. The department will not have to take any action until that period.

Faculty of Science is called for the result of the staff evaluation from each department by September 14, 2012.  BC admin committee will have an annual evaluation on August 28, 2012.  K. Yuvadee is currently prepared the documents for everyone to fill in their workload.  Please return the form back to her by August 24, 2012.

Retirement celebration event will be on September 19, 2012.

3. Report from Finance Division

The latest income/balance of Faculty of Science was updated.

4. Report from Policy and Quality Assurance Division

As part of the QA evaluation by the Office of Higher Education Commission, the University has appointed QA committee to visit/evaluate Faculty of Science on August 21, 2012.  Administration team including heads of department is requested to be present in this visit at K102 between 10-11 am.

The MU-SC workshop EdPex is scheduled on August 27, 2012 at K102, 13-16:00.

5. Report from Education Division

All undergraduate students (except mathematics students) and TA are required to pass the MU lab pass (the test in general skills in laboratory) test.

6. Report from Research Division

National Research council is called for the annual proposals.  All PI will need to register and submit grant proposals at the http://npm.ncrt.go.th by August 20, 2012.

Thailand Research Fund calls for proposals, the deadlines are between August 15-October 15, 2012, depending on types of grant.

Proposals seeking for the support from the university must be submitted through Research Division by August 17, 2012.

7. Report from Medical/Graduate Education Division

Progress of TQF has been update.  Faculty of Science/Graduate Studies are negotiating with CHE not to submit MKO3 to CHE.

Faculty of Graduate Studies is now calling for the travel grant application.

8. Report from Stang Mongkolsuk Library and IT Division

The number of publication of each department for the year 2012 is now available on the Faculty website.  Biochemistry Department is dropped to #4 which is below Pathobiology, Biotechnology and Physiology.

University ranking: Webometrics ranks world university based on being “e-university”, MU is ranked #2 in a whole Thailand country (#200 in a whole world) after Kasetsart University.

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Faculty Committee Meeting: July 18, 2012


Report from Administrative Division
Department Heads of Plant Science, Physiology and Mathematic Departments have finished their terms/resigned. Faculty committee voted the members to be part of the election committee.

Report from Finance Division
1. Finance division is running workshop regarding the general procedures/regulation on August 10, 2012. All departmental financial officers are requested to attend this workshop.

2. The financial transactions to each department can be found at http://intranet.sc.mahidol/FN

Report from Policy and Development plan Division

1. Office of Higher Education Commission will be visiting and evaluating Mahidol University’s performance between August 20-22, 2012. The visiting date for Faculty of science will be advised.
2. As part of the annual SAR evaluation, Faculty of Science has appointed several committee members to evaluate/inspect SAR of each department between July 23 and August 8, 2012. The department will be inspected/evaluated on July 27, 2012 between 1-3 pm. SJ, PM, KY and K. Onchuma will be involved in this visit.
3. Deputy Dean also asked each department to return all the questionnaires distributed by Policy and Development Plan Division back by at least 30%. As less than this number, the interpreted results will not be valid.

Report from Research Division

1. Proposals seeking for Science Education and the support from CIF official documents have been officially announced.
2. MUSC Graduate Research exposition 2012 campaign has been launched. This event will be held on October 29-30, 2012.

Report from Medical/Graduate curriculum Division

1. TQF (MKO2) from most programs have been approved by the University. Each curriculum needs to submit MKO3 to the Office of Higher Education Commission via Graduate Studies within 60 days.

Report from Public Relation Division

1. Faculty of Science is running Open House on August 15, 2012. The official opening will be held at L01 starting from 9:00 am.
2. Ministry of Science and Technology organizes the National Science Week (17-30 August, 2012) at BiTec Bangna) to promote sciences and education. Faculty of Science is part of this campaign and is called for participation in this event. All departments have been asked to join this activity. [JM and WK will coordinate with Faculty).

Report from Academic and Internal Affairs Division

1. German Embassy calls for the DAAD-scholarship 2013/2014 for postgraduate course for professionals with relevance to developing countries (www.daad.or.th). Deadline is July 31, 2012.
2. Kunming University Medical program asked FS to organize the preclinical teaching training program to assist their staffs. All pre-clinical departments discussed whether they are willing to participate in this program.
Report from Stang Mongkolsuk library and IT Division
1. The number of research articles published by FS staff is 182.
2. TRF has graded the National journals based on their quality into five. Outstanding (5-these journals are in Web of Science database), Excellent (4), Good (3), Fair (2) and poor (1). Students publications will be accepted only if their papers are published in (5) or (4) grade.

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Faculty Meeting May 16, 2012


1. MU deducted 1.39% of FS income (~8.7 million baht) as overhead charge.

2. FS encouraged all staffs to help save electricity as much as possible.

3. Visit of MUQD on May 31 and June 1, 2012. They will visit BC in the afternoon of May 31, 2012 to meet with academic and supporting staffs.

4. FS would host a seminar on standard practice on laboratory animal on June 7, 2012. This seminar is geared toward the certification by AAALAC International.

5. The Research Division informed that if a full-time research assistant (RA) whose salary paid by FS’s RA scholarship enters any graduate program as a student, he/she needs to inform the Research Division to change the status.

6. MUSC Research Forum will be hosted on May 29, 2012. The speakers will be Aj. Rachapak (Physics) and Aj. Sompoad (Biology).

7. FS will host a forum on 21st Century Skills, MUSC…Are You Ready? On May 24, 2012.

8. FS has drafted a rule to collect service fee for using seminar/conference rooms within FS. This fee includes the services from the maid to prepare the break and clean up the room.

9. FS Staff Meeting has inquired whether the teaching honorarium for SCID 500 (Cell Biology) can be exempted.

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Faculty Meeting April 18, 2012


1. Revision of PA (started in fiscal year 2014).

2. 2% of Faculty of Science income will be deduced as the overhead to the University (service fee etc).

3. E-pay slip. The university will no longer provide the pay slip. Your pay slip will be available at http://e-payslip.mahidol/PaySlip/. A user name and a password are the same as those for the email (old system scxx). This electronic payment details will be started in April, 2012.

4. Travel support from Faculty of Science. Currently Faculty of Sciences will support staffs who go to international conference/meetings. Below is the general guideline;

An Oral or poster presentation will be equally considered: Applicants must also have partial support from the Department, Graduate School or your own. The amount of the support varies, depending on the country. The detail is in an official announcement by Faculty of Science.

Asia: < 25,000 B

Japan, Australia: < 40,000 B

Eurpoe, Africa, US: < 65,000 B

5. National preclinical examination (2012) result for medical students report: Ramathibodi student group whom we teach is ranked 17th out of 32.

6. Changing of email account/system: Started on April 18, 2012

-Outlook exchange feature.

-Full surname.xxx@mahidol.ac.th .

-Any emails sent to the old system from now on will be automatically forwarded to the new in box (limited to 1 year time).

-Those wish to download their emails from MU server to their desktop/laptops or smart phones can find the full instructions at http://muit.mahidol/online.htm

7. Graduate student theses need to be checked whether they contain any plagiarism. Student’s advisor and his/her thesis committee members will be asked to submit the plagiarism report together with the thesis result to Graduate School before the degree can be awarded (still under the discussion when this will start but may be effective from July 2012). Plagiarsm can be checked by Turnitin software. All staffs are encouraged to learn how to use this software which is regularly trained by Stang Mongkolsuk library.

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BC working Groups (2012- )


1. Academic program: SJ & KY
►Advise graduate students regarding admission, enrollment and graduation
►Curriculum development

2. Quality Assurance: PM
►Direct & supervise supporting staffs (K. Onchunipa, K. Kanikar and K. Yuwadee) for the regular assessments by internal and external organization
►Advise chairperson and deputy chair on the manners to be included in departmental operations in order to meet our quality assurance standard

3. Research: PC
►Deliver news and promote the research supports from Faculty and external funding sources

4. Teaching Organization: ST
►Supervise and record all staff teaching workload for an annual evaluation
►Collect final version of class schedules from all course coordinators.
►Organizing TA/allocate TA to each course

5. QE exam: LJ
►Organize and lead QE exam team
►Finalize students’ QE exam results

6. Departmental website & IT: VC & SJ
►Direct and advise K. Nattaya to update news/information on departmental wbsite
►Assist K. Nattaya to edit/improve quality of departmental website

7. Biosafety: JM & TC
►Organize appropriate workshop regarding biosafety for students once a year (coordinate with PC for organizing this workshop)
►Representative of the Department for the Faculty and University meetings regarding the biosafety

8. Instruments: KY & PC
►Oversee all users (with help from senior students) to ensure that our instruments are used properly and efficiently.
►Advise K. Chaiyong to ensure that all instruments in our department are fully functional. May collect opinions from our BC instrument facebook

9. Scholarships & Alumni Association: TS
►Select the eligible students who are qualified for the departmental scholarships.
►being a hub for the department alumni and the local biochemical society association.

10. Area & environment management: RT & JY
►Design/decorate the outlook of department common areas/facilities making them look modern and academically attractive. You can call for helps from the supporting staffs especially K. Chaiyong.

11. Cultural and religious affairs: MP
►Coordinate with office staff about cultural and religious activities at our departmental New Year party

12. Student affairs: WK & JM
►Coordinator for the School Science events e.g. children day, open day.

13. Faculty Senate: WN
►Deliver news/feedback from the University to the Department and vice versa.

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Faculty Committee Meeting: February 1, 2012


Dean’s report
1. Faculty Committee meeting is now re-scheduled on the 3rd Wednesday week of each month.
2. MU President will be visiting Faculty of Science on March 22, 2012, 8-9 am.

Deputy Dean for Administration’s report
1. The front gate of Faculty of Science is planned to be renovated to prevent the floods that may happen next year. The final design is yet to be finalized.
2. The University has introduced the power reduction plan. So far Faculty of Science has achieved the milestones set up by the University.
3. Faculty of Science nominates Prof. Pornchai Matangkasombut to be a new Chair of Mahidol University Council as well as 14 council members.

Deputy Dean for Finance’s report
Investment fund of Faculty and the balance of Stang Mongkolsuk Sport Center have been updated.

Deputy Dean for Quality Assurance’s report
1. SAR for the fiscal year 2011 continues: Faculty will be submitting the report to the University by February 15, 2012.
2. Faculty of Science has been preparing the documents regarding the the EdPEx program (โครงการต่อยอดคุณภาพการศึกษาสู่ความเป็นเลิศ) and will be submitting these documents to the Commission of Higher Education by February 15, 2012. Faculty of Science sent Dr Somkit Amornsamankul to attend this EdPEX workshop.
3. Faculty of Science will be evaluated by Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (NESQA-สมศ) on February 22, 2012 at K101, 13:00-14:30. Heads of Department were asked to be present and were also asked to study Faculty’s SAR handbook in case if they are interviewed by NESQA.
4. Summary of Faculty of Science’s KPI for 2011 have been reported.

Deputy Dean for Education’s report
Mid term exam was scheduled between 30th January and 3rd February, 2012

Deputy Dean for Research’s report
1. Research Division’s website has been updated. All the news, announcements and the support forms regarding research are available at http://www.sc.mahidol.ac.th/scre/
2. R2R(Routine to research-ทุนสนับสนุนผู้ปฏิบัติงาน) program is now available. Supporting staffs are encouraged to participate in this program. All the details are available at http://www.sc.mahidol.ac.th/scre/r2r/Research-funding.htm
3. MUSC Research Forum: Biomedicine talk  is scheduled on February 17, 2012, at L02 14:00-17:00.
4. The National Research Council calls for their annual prizes including thesis, invention and researcher awards: Due dates is April 30, 2012.

Assistant Dean for Medical and Graduate Program’s report
1. All graduate programs offered by Faculty of Science are urgently asked to complete MKO3 by March 2012. [BC course coordinators : please have your job done by then].
2. Faculty of Science has appointed the tutorial committee to help 2nd and 3rd years Medical students to pass the National License 1 (NT1). JM and KY are members of this committee.

Assistant Dean for Public relation’s report
1. Book fair is between 7th Feb and 10th Feb, 2012.
2. Dr Ruen Somana was nominated to receive “มหิดลทยากร” award.

Deputy Dean for International Affairs report
Kazawa University, Japan opens the double degree programs in physics and mathematics.

Assistant Dean for Stang Mongkolsuk library’s report
1. Staffs of Faculty of Science have published 14 articles since January 2012.
2. Analysis of Faculty of Science Staffs’ publications was reported. The result will be distributed in the BC staff meeting.

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Faculty Meeting January 4, 2012


Dean’s report
1. Due to the limited budget, the equipments/instruments are not allocated to Faculty of Science this year.
2. The research proposals seeking for the support from the University (2013): the priority will be given to the multi-PI proposals rather than the single-PI proposals.
3. MU president was initially scheduled to visit Faculty of Science on February 6, 2012. However, due to the MIC-IC meeting is held on that day at the landmark hotel where Mr President will be hosting HM Princess Sirindhorn, his visit to the Faculty of Science will be advised again.

Deputy Dean for Administration’s report
1. A survey of the satisfaction result for the cleaning service offered by the Faculty to the staffs whose houses were affected by floods will be followed up.
2. The Faculty Senate Election (staff representatives) will be held on December 6, 2012. Four out of six candidates will be voted by individuals. The details of the candidates are posted on ground floor of the K-buliding.

Deputy Dean for Finance’s report
1. The interest from Faculty of Science Account in the year 2011 is 1,800,814.54 baht.
2. The stipend or any claims to be paid to TA needs to be submitted to the Finance Division before the 10th of each month.

Deputy Dean for Quality Assurance’s report
1. Faculty of Science will be evaluated by สมศ on February 22, 2012. The documents required by the QA division may be called from the Department before January 16, 2012.
2. Faculty of Science and other three Faculties have been selected by the CHE to participate in the EdPEx program (โครงการต่อยอดคุณภาพการศึกษาสู่ความเป็นเลิศ)

Deputy Dean for Education’s report
Faculty of Science hosts the Science and Technology for the Youth Congress at BITEC, Bang-na on May 2-4, 2012.

Deputy Dean for Research’s report
1. Research Division will appoint several English editors who can help staffs editing their English manuscripts. The honorarium for editing the accepted manuscripts will be supported by the Research Division (3,000 baht). The official announcement will be available shortly.
2. The research division also initiates the monthly seminar “MUSC research forum”. This series of seminar comprises of MUSC Young investigator, MUSC Innovation, MUSC Biomedicine and MUSC Discovery and MUSC Society.

Deputy Dean for International Affairs report
A new office section in the Faculty of Science called “Academic and International Affairs” is proposed and will be led by Dr Kunyarat.

Assistant Dean for Medical and Graduate Program’s report
1. Progress of MKO2 and TQF are underway.
2. Faculty of Graduate Studies extends the deadline for the outstanding thesis award for the year 2012 to January 27, 2012. Please ask your qualified students to apply for this award.

Assistant Dean for Public relation’s report
The Science on Children day (Jan 14, 2012)

Assistant Dean for Stang Mongkolsuk library’s report

Faculty of Science has published 347 international peer-reviewed articles in the year 2011.

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News from the Faculty Committee Meeting on November 30, 2011


From the Dean

Starting from January 2012, the Faculty committee meeting will be held on the first Wednesday of each month.

PC remark: It means that our departmental meeting may be set on the second week of each month.

From Deputy Dean for Administration and Finance

The Faculty is calling for matching fund proposal. The faculty may fund up to 85% for the request to improve lab facilities and 50% for instruments.

From Deputy Dean for Quality Assurance

A schedule for SAR work is ready. Each department will have to do their SAR report and be prepared for the committee visit.

PC Remark: A schedule for SAR work was given to K. Ornchunipa.

From Deputy Dean for Research and Graduate studies

1. The form for requesting publication award has been updated. Currently, articles published in Q1 can receive 20,000 baht per article.

2. The faculty is calling for application to form research groups. Staff from the same and outside departments can form their research groups and may request support from the Faculty. The existing research groups may also request for their instrumental maintenance or other support. However, each proposal should promise clealy for their research output or key achievement points.

PC remark: This policy has been issued before I started my term as the Deputy Dean. I will get clarification from the Dean and the previous Deputy Dean and update during the department meeting.

From Assistant Dean for PR

  1. The University is calling for Mahidol Award applications
  2. The New Year party will only be arranged in the morning of December 21, 2011.

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News from the Faculty Committee Meeting on October 19, 2011 By MP (acting Chairperson)


News from the FS

1.  Finance & Stores division has been reorganized and new heads of each division have been introduced to the committee (details at the office).


2. Dr. Suthep Wiyakrutta has been appointed as a new Chairman of Microbiology department.


From the Dean

1.  FS will receive a major investment from “PTT Global chemicals” for setting up a research complex on Biotechnology at Salaya campus. FS plans to open a new Research Institute for Biotechnology together with a pilot plant under a total budget of ~500 MB. It is now waiting for permission for land use.


2.  Due to a variety of “MU logo” currently used, MU is designing a new one (hopefully more beautiful) to be launched for use by next month. All the old ones will be cancelled.


3.  Departments which plan to use the matching fund for renovation or fixing should submit a note to the FS by the end of this month. The FS will search for a contract design in November.


4.  New salary for a new teaching staff is expected to be ~25,000 B (waiting for the approval from the MU council).


5.  Eight staff and personnel have passed the consideration for changing from the civil servants into MU staff as requested.


6.  November 2nd is Prof. Pornchai Matangkasombut’s birthday.  A religious ceremony will be held.


7.  A new rate for publication award will be in use in 2012.


From Deputy Dean for Administration and Finance

In co-ordination with the FS, each department should assign his own personnel to take care of the department during the flooding period.


From Deputy Dean for Quality Assurance

The evaluation team (14 persons) from สมศ. will visit FS on November 9th during 13.00-14.30 PM.  Heads of departments as well as FS committee must be prepared and join the reception.


From Deputy Dean for Research and Graduate studies

1.  Review articles, which can be searched from the internet, are also eligible for publication award.


2.   Twenty five revised curriculums have been sent out to the Graduate Office. The permission from the Graduate Studies is required before the application process can be made.


3.  The registration fees will be waived for students who received scholarships “ทุนเสริมสร้าง



4.  According to the regulation of the Ministry of Education and of the MU, staff who will be allowed to be advisors for M.Sc. students must be MU permanent staff or appointed outside academic committee who receive Ph.D. degree or equivalent, or else be at least associate Professor with experiences beyond their thesis projects.


From Head of Stang Mongkolsuk Library


1.  Up to now, BC ranks the first in publishing the articles this year (46 papers).

2.  FS has a total of 256 published articles (since Jan-Sep 2011).

3.  In 2012, new journal metrics, namely SNIP, will be introduced. This metrics can be searched from Scopus-Analytics.


From Assistant Dean for PR and Special Affairs

1. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Sarawut Jitrapakdee from BC department received 2011 TRF-CHE scopus publication award in Life science/ Agricultural sciences.

2. Assoc.Prof. Dr. Narattaphol Charoenphandhu from Department of Physiology received 2011 TRF-CHE-Scopus Researcher Award (Health Sciences).

3. The mean value of STT37th evaluation results is 4.05 (out of 5 grades).


From Foreign Affairs Division

1.   Dr. Laran T Jensen’s working permit has been extended to September 30, 2013.

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News from the Faculty Committee Meeting on September 14, 2011


News from the Faculty Committee Meeting on September 14, 2011


From the Dean


1. The Commencement Day for 2012 has been set on July 5. Students wishing to attend should make sure to defend and submit the final version of their theses around early April according to the date set by Faculty of Graduate Studies.

2. For MU staff whose contacts will expire soon and who have used #1 welfare option, they will be asked to reconsider their welfare options. MU will encourage staff to change their option to #2 (5% deduction and use social security service). The #1 option is 10% deduction and health benefit is equivalent to civil servants.

PC remark: I am not sure how many of us are under #1 option (Only KY?)


News about STT37 (October 10-12)

1. MUSC will sponsor free registration for faculty members. Staff should use a special code to receive this waiver.

PC remark: Most of us have been registered by SJ because we are committee, reviewers, session chairs. Thank SJ very much for your help. For WN, VC, JM, WK, we have notified the finance department about your payment. Please keep your receipts and contact K’ Yuvadee after October 12. 

 2. They would like to know how many students from each department have registered to be staff at STT

PC remark: K. Yuvadee, please make sure we notify them of those students’ names who have volunteered to help at the event.



From Deputy Dean for Administration and Finance


MU has sent a new chart for calculating raises for civil servants right after the raises have been made. To remain within available budget, the finance department will adjust the increase percentage to fit the funds available. Therefore, people may receive a non-round figure raise, i.e., 1.95% instead of 2.0%.



From Deputy Dean for Quality Assurance


สมศ. Will visit MUSC around beginning of October


From Deputy Dean for Education Affairs

 The final exams will take place around September 27 – October 4. All coordinators must submit grades within 15 days after the exam.


From Deputy Dean for Research and Graduate studies

1. The Vice President for Research has called a meeting of research administrators. Details are summarized in PDF and PPT files.

PC remark: The PPT file will be distributed to individuals and the PDF file has been sent to your email address. Please read it carefully.


2. MU staff can only use the computers at the MU research division to submit their NIH grants. The firewall only allows those computers to upload files on NIH page. Please see more details in the PDF file I sent.


3. There are many types of research grants available at CHE

PC remark: Could ST brief us about grants that we can apply for.


4. The government has granted permission for setting up a new Center of Excellence for Medical Biotechnology. This is a cooperation project between 4 Thai universities. MUSC is the main hub.


5. A. Kanyarat notified that at the last meeting (Sep 12 or 13??), Faculty of Graduate Studies decided that all programs should submit TQF documents to them before Oct 14 in order to be able to call for first round application.


PC remark: This is a very serious matter. We need to be able to open for first-round applications. Otherwise, we will lose most of our prospective students. SJ and TS will update us about the TQF submission process.

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